Adam Chienjo

ARTIST NAME | Adam Chienjo
Photography by © metta metta ART
2018 – Goethe Institute Nairobi – Kenya
Dance Piece Title: The “Unknown”


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International celebrated Adam Chienjo is a contemporary Kenyan dance artist and choreographer who prefers to describe what he does as movement art.

Adam doesn’t know when he started dancing but can trace his beginnings in organised dance to the early eighties. He started off with street dance and developed his movement vocabulary through experiences and experiments with other dance forms and primarily movement cultures like martial arts and yoga.

Adam has been collaborating with local Kenyan and international choreographers as a dancer, co-choreographer, choreographer, collaborator and critique in East Africa, Burkina Faso, Congo, Germany, Scotland, Australia, and the USA among other places. He has his own repertoire of professional work and also teaches dance and instructs Yoga.

Adam is most excited about artistic experiments, art as a process and interdisciplinary productions.