Language: Kiswahili
“shining”, “sparkling”, “twinkling”


The aim of the metta metta ART is to present Kenyan artists, who in a complex world, have chosen their individual elements such as contemporary dancing, afro-centric acting or afro-fusion world music to express their unique cultural voice of rich universal messages, values and truths.


metta metta ART is a Kenyan social entrepreneurship working with Kenyan Afrocentric artists and culture. Over the years metta metta ART has been providing a platform for artists through various fields including artist photography, audio-visual productions, artist development, promotion, web-design, social media marketing, and as a record label and art-centre.

metta metta ART specialises in performance photography of Kenyan artists and visiting African artists performing in Kenya; and aims at capturing the artists powerful emotions expressed in their elements.

Besides the photographs, this website serves as a directory, providing information and links to the individual artists.

Enjoy the journey!


metta metta ART was founded in 2007 by a photographer and painter.

In 2008/2009 metta metta ART established itself as a record label and produced and released the album entitled “Matopeni” by artist Mutinda, who in 2010 became the Award-Winner of International Songwriting Competition in the World Music category with the song “Simama”.

In 2009, the documentary about Mutinda and Matopeni “A Beautiful Journey” was nominated for a Kalasha Award for best cinematography.

From 2007 to 2012 metta metta ART hosted numerous exchange programs and workshops between Kenyan and international artists and producers, in Kenya and abroad.

Under the umbrella organisation, East Africa Denmark Collaborations (EADK) metta metta ART participates in expos like World Music Expo (WOMEX) in Sevilla (Spain) Copenhagen (Denmark) and Kenya Music week from 2007 to 2011.

metta metta ART is also involved in various charitable and community projects, such as Kikwetu Youth Organization.